Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety can be a dead weight just hanging over you all the time. Present from the moment you wake, its exhausting, anxiety drains you physical and emotionally, meaning you wake up exhausted and you go about your work or social life in a permanently tired state.
Anxiety can be brought about by specific (work, colleagues, presentations, fear of illness), or non specific issues, just a feeling of impending anxiety or pressure.

Hypnotherapy works on your unconcious mind to amplify your will power to feel better. It can alleviate anxiety by direct suggestion and by behavioural training both in trance and using self hypnosis can alleviate anxiety and help break mind loops of anxiety.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Robert Shields said...

Although using hypnosis is not the right thing to do with everyone who has a psychological problem, it is, never-the-less, sometimes effective where other approaches have failed.

Although most hypnotherapy trainers make the use of hypnosis sound mysterious, the simple truth is that the application of hypnosis is simple.

There are hundreds of good books on the market that will teach you how to hypnotize, but, and this is the problem, those books do not show you how to deal with the many problems hypnosis can help you with.

In the most simple terms, the mind consists of the conscious part that is known to us and the unconscious part that is largely unknown to us.

The conscious part is very tiny and much weaker in comparison and in a war between the conscious and the unconscious, the conscious may win battles, but the war will always be won by the unconscious.

That is why most of our psychological problems are so difficult to deal with.

Many smokers, for example, would like to stop smoking and save themselves some money and be healthier, but their efforts to stop are mostly temporary (battles won) and they continue to smoke (the war is won by the unconscious) regardless of the consequences.

Hypnotherapy is a fascinating subject and well worth studying.

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Thank you for reading my contribution.

Robert Shields

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